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TRA consulting going global

Last week in Bangkok, Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin, CEO of TRA consulting presented the interim report for a reform of the Railway sector in #Thailand as senior transport advisor of The World Bank.

In the last months, Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin had meetings with Ministers and CEO of the company to make a better benchmarking analysis and to have an effective reform of the sector.

This is another important step for the internationalization of the consulting company, after working, in China, South Korea, Indonesia, Africa and Europe.

DiAndrea Giuricin

Railway Reform in France: TRA consulting advise on French medias

TRA consulting CEO, Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin, was interview by several media and Institutional stakeholders about the railway reform in France.

Data and analysis about the #HSR in Italy were used by the #JDD Journal de Dimanche en France where the #Spinetta report and #Macron government are trying to make a reform of the railway system and SNCF.

In Italy the competition gives benefits for the consumers with a strong decrease of the prices of the tickets (Yield -40%) and the demand increased about 90 per in cent in 6 years.

These datas were also shown on France 2 at the news of 8 pm.

Italo Treno – NTV is the first experience of a private  #HSR railway company in open access competition and the RU had great financial result with an EBITDA Margin at 34 per cent in 2017.

The debt level is very low as shown by the NFP/EBITDA ratio that it will be lower than 2 in 2018.

Competition was good for the consumers and for the railways company that they need to innovate to be competitive.

DiAndrea Giuricin

Italo, a case of success. Interviews at Reuters and CNBC

In the last days, I saw many comments on #ITALO and the sale to the Infrastructure Fund #GIP.

I think that it is important to understand the importance of this acquisition.

#Italo grew a lot in the last years and the EBITDA margin is higher and higher: in 2017 it was 34,3 per cent of the revenue.

The number of passengers increased from 6.56 million in 2014 to 12.8 million in 2017 with the same numbers of train (25 AGV).

The increase of the productivity decreased the cost per available seat km to a lower level of many low cost, even if #Italo is a not a low cost carrier thanks to the wide offer of services (Italo Lounge, Club, Wifi, On board portal).

The increase of the productivity gave an higher frequency of the service and this an important point to understand: in the HSR business the frequency is a key driver of the success to have also an higher Yield (Rev/PaxKm).

Why has an infrastructure fund bought a railway undertaking that it has not a infrastructure?

I had meetings in the last months with the most important investment bank that asked me some counselling:

– the EBITDA margin is similar to the Utilities

– The regulation will be certain for the next 4 years (access charge)

– The European market is opening soon

– The increase of the number of trains from 25 to 42 in the next 20 months will permits to increase frequency and to take new markets (Turin-Milan-Venice).

– It will be not easy to a third Railway operator to enter in the italian market due to the importance of the frequency of the service.

Last points the I underlined in my article for an italian newspaper:

– the crazyness of one founder of the company, Eng. Sciarrone that he was the first CEO of the company (2006-2013) and he created the company from zero.

– The capacity of the CEO, Mr. Cattaneo in making an impressive turnaround of the business.

– The shareholders that believe in this “crazy adventure”

– The high knowledge of the management of the company, that they were able to improve day by day the efficiency of the company.

DiAndrea Giuricin

TRA CONSULTING on the main Global Medias about the EUROPEAN EXPANSION of ITALO

TRA consulting analysis on the European market of High Speed rail is out on the main global media.

Reuters, CNBC and many others international newspaper utilized the data calculated by the consulting company based in Barcelona, Brussels and Milan. Here the complete news:

The study was reported not only on the english newspaper but also in French and German.

It is reported the possible growth of the #HSR market in the next years thanks to the liberalization during the interview to the President and the CEO of Italo – NTV

DiAndrea Giuricin

TRA consulting CEO makes interviews on the most important TV and Newspaper on Alitalia and ATAC

Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin, CEO of TRA consulting made some analysis about the process of sale #Alitalia Società Aerea Italiana S.p.A. and the problems of #ATAC, the Public Transport company in Rome in many articles and TV interviews.

“At #Class CNBC I spoke about Air France and Delta Air Lines and the possibility to challenge the offer of Lufthansa” comments the CEO of TRA consulting.

In the last days, he makes interview at the first channel of Italian Radio, Rai 1.

For the Corriere della Sera, the leader newspaper in Italy, TRA consulting makes data analysis and at #IlGiornale, other comments on Alitalia.

Lat but not least, at the first page of Milano Finanza my interview about #ATAC situation and the risk of bankruptcy of the Company.

DiAndrea Giuricin

Keynote Speech in the biggest Conference on Digital and Media in Latin America

Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin, CEO of TRA consulting, was honoured to give a keynote speech in Buenos Aires in front Ministers from South America.

Regulation in a single digital market in South America was the report that it will be the introduction study for the La Convención Azul.

The Minister for the Culture in Brazil congratulates Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin and  he received an invitation to present the study in Brasilia next year.

During the second day of the Conference, we discussed together with the CEO of La Nacion at the conference #LaConvencionAzul about the data economy in Europe and South America.

Big data is important but Prof. Giuricin underlined that it is important the analysis of the data to transform them in information.

He prefere to define the “algorithm economy” because the process of optimization is more and more important.

DiAndrea Giuricin

TRA consulting meets CEO of SRT on NTV-Italo

TRA CONSULTING had an interesting meeting with the CEO and the top management of #SRT the first competitor in the High Speed Railway sector in South Korea.

In this meeting, few weeks after Prof. Andrea Giuricin visited the company in Seoul, SRT top management had the possibility to try and  understand the business model of NTV-Italo.

Italo – NTV is the first great example of rail competition (in the HSR) and soon it will be listed on stock exchange, but more and more there are business cases all around Europe and World.

#ITALO and #SRT signed a MOU 2 years ago and now both companies are growing in a competitive market.

DiAndrea Giuricin

TRA consulting on #REPUBBLICA: Alitalia has a short future

TRA consulting is out today on La Repubblica, one of the most important newspaper in Italy on #ALITALIA.

The stand alone strategy is not possible for Alitalia Società Aerea Italiana S.p.A. and at the same time to have losses in the summer season is not not so healty for the airline. So, time is short for the procedures to find a partner.

TRA consulting has long experience in consulting in merger and acquisition process of airlines with international customers.

DiAndrea Giuricin

TRA consulting reaches a global audience in the Aviation sector

TRA consulting has an huge coverage on the media in the last days, from the chinese Xinhua to the German @Handelsblatt.

@Reuters, but also the first channel for the Italian Radio, Radio Rai 1 and the news of the first Radio of Switzerland asked an opinion to the CEO of TRA consulting, Prof. Andrea Giuricin, about Alitalia, Lufthansa and the rise of the low cost long haul with Norwegian.

TRA consulting has a strong coverage of the topics thanks to the connection with the international media and this is another example of the possibility that it is possible to reach a global audience in the aviation industry with in-depth analysis.

Here the interviews for the most readed newspaper in the World, Xinhua, for a dedicated business TV channel in Italy, Reteconomy, at the first Malaysian newspaper, The Star Online or the business newspaper in France, Les Echos.

DiAndrea Giuricin

TRA consulting chairman at Smart Metro in Paris

Last week, it was great to discuss together with the Minister of Transport of Ontario, Canada, the CEO of GVB, the public transport company of Amsterdam and the CEO of Metro do Porto about the future of rail and metro as Chairman at SmartRail World.

It’s not easy for many companies to innovate but it is more and more a needs for the cost control and to increase the quality of the services.

For example, last Friday I was impressed by the Wi-Fi connection at Italo – NTV because I can have a webex conference call at 300km per hour.

Technology made it possible but it is the competition that it is giving pressure to improve a complex system as the Wi-Fi on board.

In Paris, I discuss with two of the board members of MRT Corporation Sdn Bhd a company that is a key driver of the success of the system in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia is building an huge urban transport system for developing and improving the lifestyle of Kuala Lumpur citizens.