About us

is a strategic consultancy company based in Barcelona, Milan and Brussels.

The majors keys areas of specialization of TRA Consulting are Transport, Tourism, Telecommunication and Digital Media and Utilities. 
Professionalism, talent, passion are the values we offer to our clients.
We combine our expertise, our capital of reputation and knowledge to the needs of our costumers, in sectors that continuosly changing we support our clients in all phasis from the regulation to the more operative requests. We do not offer standard solutions, but through the collaboration with the customers we propose solutions focused on the requests in the way to obtain tangible results.



  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Support with data gathering the strategic decision of the CEO and President
  • Creation of the network at European Level to develop the lobbying
  • Analysis of the subsidies and revenues of the company
  • Business plan support analysis and development
  • Bid support
  • Business strategy
  • Traffic & revenue forecasting
  • Cost reduction & Operating cost projections
  • Policy & government strategy review
  • Analysis on the regulation of the liberalization in Italy and Europe
  • Providing recommendations to the stakeholders in Italy and Europe.
  • Strategic analysis for the President and the CEO in the regulation to achieve a reduction of the costs.
  • Assist with the production of project documentation for the president and CEO at European Commission or Italian Parliament. Engage with key stakeholders.
  • Responsible in the Regulations and European Affairs at European level.
  • Development of the strategy of the company with European partners.
  • Development of European Project (Horizon 2020)
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Wider economic benefits assessment
  • Technical & risk review
  • Procurement
  • Due diligence
  • Post transaction support

Who we are

Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin – CEO of TRA consulting      

Head of Studies Office and international affairs of NTV, first high speed rail private operator in Europe, since 2010, developing studies and analysis on rail sector. In the same company he is the strategic advisor for the Managing Director and the top Management.

He is CEO of TRA consulting, a strategic consultancy company based in Barcelona in the transport sector. TRA consulting has international customers from Europe, Middle East, Asia, working with the top management (CEO and President) in the strategic and operational decisions.

Dr. Andrea Giuricin cooperates with several Transport Authorities and with the European Commission.

He is visiting professor at China Academy of Railway Sciences, an organization by the producers, Government and the University focused on the rail sector due to his experience in the railway sector.

He is adj. professor in Mobility Management at University Milano Bicocca in Italy and he is adj. professor in Marketing Management at University of Minnesota and at Michigan State University and University Southern California.

He published several books and analysis on transport field quoted on TV and newspaper (Xinhua, Wall Street Journal, BBC, FT, Bloomberg, Reuters, The Economist, Le Monde, O Globo).