In the last decade the scenario of the aviation sector is changed radically.

The forces which caused those changes are been, the liberalization of the market, the growing of low cost carriers, also the development of new technologies. The introduction of the competition is one of the factor which caused problems for the traditional carriers, but on the other hand the effects are the growing of the number of passengers. So airlines, airports and policymakers have to re-evaluate their capacity allocation and operational strategies.

We have a global experience in regulatory and airline environment, particularly on the analysis of the economic and social impact, we provide the top management in terms of data gathering, research and data governance.

Strategic analysis of the regulation to achieve targets with the analysis on the regulation and benchmarking to underline the dominant position of the other competitors in other markets, also we support the clients on managing the relations with the press and  the public relations, but also assisting them with the production of project documentation.

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