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DiAndrea Giuricin

TRA consulting reaches a global audience in the Aviation sector

TRA consulting has an huge coverage on the media in the last days, from the chinese Xinhua to the German @Handelsblatt.

@Reuters, but also the first channel for the Italian Radio, Radio Rai 1 and the news of the first Radio of Switzerland asked an opinion to the CEO of TRA consulting, Prof. Andrea Giuricin, about Alitalia, Lufthansa and the rise of the low cost long haul with Norwegian.

TRA consulting has a strong coverage of the topics thanks to the connection with the international media and this is another example of the possibility that it is possible to reach a global audience in the aviation industry with in-depth analysis.

Here the interviews for the most readed newspaper in the World, Xinhua, for a dedicated business TV channel in Italy, Reteconomy, at the first Malaysian newspaper, The Star Online or the business newspaper in France, Les Echos.