About us

TRA Consulting is a strategic consultancy company based in Barcelona, Milan and Brussels. The majors keys areas of specialization of TRA Consulting are Transport, Tourism, Telecommunication and Digital Media and Utilities. 
Professionalism, talent, passion are the values we offer to our clients.


We make available our experiences and abilities in our activity of teaching in the most important Universities, Academies and International Institutions. We participate in several seminars as keynote speakers.


We have a global experience in regulatory and airline environment. Experienced in advisoring in mergers and consolidation of airlines and in the business development.

Public transport

International experience and international customers. We support PTO and Agencies with analysis and benchmarking analysis. We are focus on the innovation and digitization.


In our activity we provide the top management with analysis on the regulation of the liberalization, studies on the effects of competition of the privatization of the rail sector. The only World company working in the HSR open access market.


Working with the biggest Companies and Associations in the travel Industry, we are able to develop the best strategy and studies with data analysis for our clients.


We have global experience in regulatory Telecom and Digital Media environment, particularly on analysis of the economic and social impact. Our analysis for the biggest Companies have a global impact and recognition.

Latest news

We often partecipate to conferences as speakers, trainings and seminars. Here you can find our latest news, opinions and market information.

DiAndrea Giuricin Gen 12, 2018

TRA consulting CEO makes interviews on the most important TV and Newspaper on Alitalia and ATAC

Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin, CEO of TRA consulting made some analysis about the process of sale #Alitalia Società Aerea Italiana S.p.A. and the p

DiAndrea Giuricin Dic 14, 2017

Keynote Speech in the biggest Conference on Digital and Media in Latin America

Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin, CEO of TRA consulting, was honoured to give a keynote speech in Buenos Aires in front Ministers from South America.

DiAndrea Giuricin Nov 30, 2017

TRA consulting meets CEO of SRT on NTV-Italo

TRA CONSULTING had an interesting meeting with the CEO and the top management of #SRT the first competitor in the High Speed Railway sector in So

DiAndrea Giuricin Nov 24, 2017

TRA consulting on #REPUBBLICA: Alitalia has a short future

TRA consulting is out today on La Repubblica, one of the most important newspaper in Italy on #ALITALIA. The stand alone strategy is not

DiAndrea Giuricin Nov 16, 2017

TRA consulting reaches a global audience in the Aviation sector

TRA consulting has an huge coverage on the media in the last days, from the chinese Xinhua to the German @Handelsblatt. @Reuters, but also th

DiAndrea Giuricin Nov 12, 2017

TRA consulting chairman at Smart Metro in Paris

Last week, it was great to discuss together with the Minister of Transport of Ontario, Canada, the CEO of GVB, the public transport company of Am