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DiAndrea Giuricin

TRA CONSULTING on the main Global Medias about the EUROPEAN EXPANSION of ITALO

TRA consulting analysis on the European market of High Speed rail is out on the main global media.

Reuters, CNBC and many others international newspaper utilized the data calculated by the consulting company based in Barcelona, Brussels and Milan. Here the complete news:

The study was reported not only on the english newspaper but also in French and German.

It is reported the possible growth of the #HSR market in the next years thanks to the liberalization during the interview to the President and the CEO of Italo – NTV

DiAndrea Giuricin

TRA Consulting meets the CEO of SRT

Last week, the CEO of TRA consulting, Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin met the CEO of SRT, Mr. Lee Seungho in Seoul, South Korea.

SRT is the first HSR railway undertaking in competition and in 2018 it will transport around 20 millions of passengers.

TRA consulting has a long experience with the new entrants in the rail market and it helps to establish a MOU within NTV and SRT in 2015.

Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin has the possibility to visit all the operation of the company, from the OCC to the cabin drive of the train at 300 km/h and the new stilish railway station in Suseo (Gangnam area).

It was an honour to have a very deep inside view of SRT.