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TRA consulting reaches a global audience in the Aviation sector

TRA consulting has an huge coverage on the media in the last days, from the chinese Xinhua to the German @Handelsblatt.

@Reuters, but also the first channel for the Italian Radio, Radio Rai 1 and the news of the first Radio of Switzerland asked an opinion to the CEO of TRA consulting, Prof. Andrea Giuricin, about Alitalia, Lufthansa and the rise of the low cost long haul with Norwegian.

TRA consulting has a strong coverage of the topics thanks to the connection with the international media and this is another example of the possibility that it is possible to reach a global audience in the aviation industry with in-depth analysis.

Here the interviews for the most readed newspaper in the World, Xinhua, for a dedicated business TV channel in Italy, Reteconomy, at the first Malaysian newspaper, The Star Online or the business newspaper in France, Les Echos.

DiAndrea Giuricin

TRA consulting chairman at Smart Metro in Paris

Last week, it was great to discuss together with the Minister of Transport of Ontario, Canada, the CEO of GVB, the public transport company of Amsterdam and the CEO of Metro do Porto about the future of rail and metro as Chairman at SmartRail World.

It’s not easy for many companies to innovate but it is more and more a needs for the cost control and to increase the quality of the services.

For example, last Friday I was impressed by the Wi-Fi connection at Italo – NTV because I can have a webex conference call at 300km per hour.

Technology made it possible but it is the competition that it is giving pressure to improve a complex system as the Wi-Fi on board.

In Paris, I discuss with two of the board members of MRT Corporation Sdn Bhd a company that is a key driver of the success of the system in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia is building an huge urban transport system for developing and improving the lifestyle of Kuala Lumpur citizens.

DiAndrea Giuricin

Keynote Lecture at the most important conference on digital market in Latin America

It’s an honour to be invited to give a keynote lecture in #Argentina in the most important event about the #Digital Market in Latin America.

The speech of Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin, CEO of TRA consulting, will be given to the Ministers of Argentina, the CEO of DIRECTV, the Secretary of State for Communications of Brazil and #Telecom regulators from all the Latin America.

From the 4th to the 6th of December, Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin, CEO of TRA consulting, will be in Buenos Aires to give a keynote  on “The digital market in Latin America: Setting regulation to promote its development”.

It is a great opportunity to discuss about the future of Digital Market with the top leader and most important CEOs of Latin America.

DiAndrea Giuricin

TRA consulting: Three days lessons at China Academy of Railway Sciences

The China Academy of Railways Sciences is the biggest organization in the World for the railway sector with around 10 thousand students.

China has developed in the last 9 years the longest network of High Speed Lines with more than 23000 kilometers.

Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin has the privilege to be a visiting professor at CARS and to make frequently lessons in Beijing.

Last week, from the 23rd to the 25th of October, he was invited to give 3 days lessons in China.

The audience of the 3 days lessons was very large, around 100 students and managers of the Chinese railway sector: around 50 % of the students was at PhD level.

In the training program, the presentations were on:


DiAndrea Giuricin

TRA Consulting meets the CEO of SRT

Last week, the CEO of TRA consulting, Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin met the CEO of SRT, Mr. Lee Seungho in Seoul, South Korea.

SRT is the first HSR railway undertaking in competition and in 2018 it will transport around 20 millions of passengers.

TRA consulting has a long experience with the new entrants in the rail market and it helps to establish a MOU within NTV and SRT in 2015.

Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin has the possibility to visit all the operation of the company, from the OCC to the cabin drive of the train at 300 km/h and the new stilish railway station in Suseo (Gangnam area).

It was an honour to have a very deep inside view of SRT.

DiAndrea Giuricin

Special Interview at REUTERS about Alitalia

TRA consulting CEO, Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin, made a special interview about the #Alitalia and #AirBerlin situation at #REUTERS.

The panorama for regional airlines is not easy because the market is consolidating and low cost carriers are stronger and stronger.


The italian flag carrier had a lot of problems and the process of “chapter 11” is going to the wrong direction.

Here you can find all the interview.