TRA consulting chairman at Smart Metro in Paris

DiAndrea Giuricin

TRA consulting chairman at Smart Metro in Paris

Last week, it was great to discuss together with the Minister of Transport of Ontario, Canada, the CEO of GVB, the public transport company of Amsterdam and the CEO of Metro do Porto about the future of rail and metro as Chairman at SmartRail World.

It’s not easy for many companies to innovate but it is more and more a needs for the cost control and to increase the quality of the services.

For example, last Friday I was impressed by the Wi-Fi connection at Italo – NTV because I can have a webex conference call at 300km per hour.

Technology made it possible but it is the competition that it is giving pressure to improve a complex system as the Wi-Fi on board.

In Paris, I discuss with two of the board members of MRT Corporation Sdn Bhd a company that is a key driver of the success of the system in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia is building an huge urban transport system for developing and improving the lifestyle of Kuala Lumpur citizens.

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